The Hobby Lobby Distribution Center services 700+ Hobby Lobby Stores across the nation. The campus, located in Oklahoma City, consists of the Warehousing, Manufacturing, Transportation and Corporate departments.

The transportation needs of the distribution center are provided by Hobby Lobby’s private fleet, which is also based out of Oklahoma City. The warehouse operation, which spans over 6 million square feet, houses two types of distribution systems – Basic and Seasonal

The Basic Warehouse System stretches over 5.0 million square feet and handles 70,000+ skus, processing weekly replacement orders for all Hobby Lobby Stores. The Seasonal System occupies around 1 million square feet and pushes seasonal merchandise also to the entire range of Hobby Lobby Stores.


The Warehouse Operation has an hourly employee base of 2500+ employees with 80+ members of management, headed by the Assistant Vice President of Warehouse Operations, who reports to the Senior Vice President of Distribution.

The following is the management hierarchy for warehouse operations under the Assistant Vice President:

  • GENERAL MANAGERS: 3, each of who are assigned to a portion of the complex.
  • AREA MANAGERS: Assigned to a specific number of zones.
  • ZONE MANAGERS: the number of which is dependent upon area size and number of skus assigned.
  • ZONE CO-MANAGERS: the number of which is dependent upon area size and number of skus assigned.
  • TEAM-LEADERS: hourly position responsible for the detailed functions within a zone (receiving, restocking, pick, pack, etc.).

Directly and primarily responsible for a zone, which is an area of the warehouse based on physical size and number of skus. The Zone Manager reports directly to the Area Manager and is accountable for the overall condition and operation of the assigned zone.

Hiring Center

The Hiring Center is located at: 3700 S. Council Road Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Please see the campus map below for help finding the correct building that houses the Hiring Center.



EOE – Drug/Alcohol testing compliant with applicable statutes.
For reasonable accommodation of disability during the hiring process call (877)303-4547.